Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a CIPN member, when should I contact Community Independent Pharmacy Network?

  • MAC pricing issues: Community Independent Pharmacy Network (CIPN) will submit MAC Appeals to "Contracted" third party payers on behalf of your pharmacy. MAC Appeal requests can be submitted to CIPN online within 7 days of the date of service.
  • Network Access: Questions regarding accessing networks available under Community Independent Pharmacy Network can be directed to our customer service representatives. We will work with the third party payer to link your pharmacy to the network so that you may begin processing.
  • General Third Party Payer Communications: Community Independent Pharmacy Network will communicate with "Contracted" third party payers on your pharmacy's behalf. Please contact us with general third party payer questions.
  • Reviewing Direct Payer Addendums: As a CIPN-Direct member, you can forward addendums received from direct third party payers to CIPN for review. CIPN will respond to your pharmacy with direction. CIPN also communicates with all CIPN members in the form of a broadcast communication advising them on how to respond to the third party payer.

If I am transitioning from another PSAO, what can I expect?

  • If your pharmacy is transitioning from another PSAO, Community Independent Pharmacy Network will obtain this information from you at the time of enrollment. You will be advised by a CIPN customer service representative as to when you should terminate your previous relationship.

How do I obtain my user name and password to access the Member's Section of

  • Your login information for will be available on the Information Sheet included in your Membership Packet. You can also obtain your login information by calling a CIPN customer service representative. Login information can only be sent via email to the primary contact listed for your pharmacy.

What tools are available on

  • Your pharmacy can access several tools on Community Independent Pharmacy Network's website. These tools include, but are not limited to:
    • Third Party Payer Notifications - Notifications received from third party payers will be displayed on the website.
    • Third Party Payer Website Links - Links to each third party's website are included in the third party payer list.
    • BINs and Plans - Our third party payer list includes BINs and plans associated with each third party payer contract.
    • Network Manuals - If the third party payer has a network manual, it is displayed on the website for your retrieval.
    • Transaction fees - If a third party payer charges transaction fees, and this information is available, their fee is listed in the third party payer list section on the website.
    • Interventions - When a CIPN customer service representative is working on an open issue for your pharmacy, they will log notes regarding the details and their progress towards resolving the issue for your pharmacy. This "Intervention" detail is displayed on the website for your convenience.
    • Online MAC Appeal - CIPN makes an online MAC appeal tool available via the member's section of our website. Any MAC appeal submitted online will be forwarded to the appropriate third party payer the same business day.
    • Special Network Information - CIPN provides detailed information such as plan names, PCN, BIN, Help Desk phone numbers and reimbursement rates for Medicare Part D Networks and other special networks.
If you have any questions regarding how to access these tools or any additional features available on our website, please contact a customer service representative.

How does my pharmacy benefit from joining a PSAO?

  • Time Savings - CIPN customer service representatives will work on your pharmacy's behalf to communicate with contracted third party payers regarding MAC pricing issues, network access issues and any additional inquiries pertaining to your third party contracts.
  • Financial Savings - Community Independent Pharmacy Network has been successful in working with contracted third party payers to enhance one out of every three contracts to financially benefit your pharmacy. These enhancements lead the industry when compared to any other PSAO in the country.

If I am a network member, what type of communications will I receive from CIPN?

  • Community Independent Pharmacy Network will broadcast timely news to network members regarding critical information about contracted third party payers. The preferred form of communication is email. Please be sure to provide a valid email address to CIPN at the time of enrollment.
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